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The Project System®  
The Sales and Service Manager
For Large and Small Companies...

Project Delivers Great...


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Service Tickets
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NEW Laptop Work Order
Service Tickets
NEW Estimate to Completed Demo

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  • The Project System quickly does Estimates and Proposals using Price Lists by Dove Net.

  • Project then automatically creates Purchase Orders and Invoices when the work is complete.

  • Project has Job Tracking, Job Costing and Inventory.

  • Project also supports Service with Service Tickets and Service Tracking.

  • Invoicing is very flexible as Project supports Complete, Progress and Recurring Billing.

  • Accounting Links: QuickBooks Desktop and On-Line, Sage 50 / 100 / 200 / 300 / 500, Old Names: Peachtree, MAS90/100/200, AccPac, Great Plains, Timberline, MYOB, Data Pro, and others.

  • NEW Work Order Module (Laptop) (Send / Receive Service Tickets to Technicians via Email)

  • UPS WorldShip ( Demo )

  • Change Order Control Module ( Demo )

  • Room Estimating System and Book Mark System ( Demo )

  • The Project System Technician Scheduler, Press here for a Demo ( Download Demos )
  • The Project System Advanced Auto Estimating System, Press here for a Demo
  • The Project System Sales Forecast System, Press here for a Demo
  • Accounts Payable Interface (1 Time Data Entry), Press here for a Demo
  • Web Time Card and Expense Posting System, Press here for a Demo
  • Estimate to Completed NEW Demo
  • Technician Scheduler  Demo NEW Enhancements NEW Dispatch Board (Real Example)
  • Web Project Tracking System, Press here for a Demo
  • E-Mail Notification System, Press here for a Demo E-Mail Notification Enhanced Demo
  • Recurring Billing and Inspections, Press here for a Demo
  • Enhanced Service Tracking System, Press here for a Demo
  • WOW Report, Business Intelligence Module Press Here
  • Document Management Module Press here for a Demo
  • NEW Serial Number Tracking Press here for a Demo
  • Enhanced Serial Number Tracking Press here for a Demo
User Comments Benefits
  • "Estimates take half the time!"
  • "It saved me thousands!"
  • "It's improved my cash flow!"
  • "It's made my job easier!"
  • "It's reduced my inventory by 75%!"
  • "It fits very well with my company!"
  • "I couldn't work without it!"
  • "There's no other system like it!"
  • Quicker Estimates & Proposal Generation
  • Estimating with Manufacturers Prices™
  • Reduce Inventory & Paperwork
  • Reduce Duplicating of Typing
  • Improved Cash Flow & Quicker Billing
  • Streamline Your Operation
  • Increase Sales Without Increased Overhead
  • Better Production for ALL Your Staff
  • Repeat Billing - Muzak / Monitoring
  • Detail Job Cost Tracking with Labor Hours
  • Phone Call Scheduler
  • Enhanced Security Capability
  • Supports Point of Sale & Progress Billing
  • Full Inventory Tracking System
  • Number of Projects or Job: 1,000,000
  • Number of Inventory Items: Unlimited
  • Number of Purchase Orders: 1,000,000
  • Number of Invoices: 1,000,000
  • Number of Sub-Projects: 1296
  • NEW System Audit Trails for Various Lists
  • Automatic Job Estimating
  • Service Order Tracking
  • Proposal Generation & Printing
  • Progress Billing & Invoicing
  • Project Tracking & Job Costing
  • Manufacturer Price Lists System
  • Automatic Purchase Order System
  • Locate by Clients Purchase Orders
  • Project Tracking with 22 Statuses
  • Multiple Shipping Addresses
  • Multiple Receiving Addresses
  • NEW Auto Status Pop Up System
Accounting Systems Links Print Outputs
  • Proposals-Print, Fax, E-Mail, Excel, Word
  • Service Tickets
  • Rental Forms
  • Invoices (Laser & Multi-Part)
  • Equipment Lists
  • Job Cost Detail Reports
  • Packing Lists
  • Purchase Orders
  • Label Printing
  • Work To Do Report
  • Proposals Completed / Value Report
  • Customer List
  • Vendor List
  • Inventory Status / Value Report
  • Inventory Count Report
  • Period To Date Report
  • Year To Date Report
  • Price Lists
  • Invoice Summary Report
  • Sales Commission Report
  • Inventory Re-Order Report
  • Inventory Shopping Report
  • Outstanding Work in Progress Report
  • Stored Inventory Value Report
  • Daily Sales Reports
  • Sales Log Report
  • Shipping Log Report
  • NEW Work In Progress (WIP) Report 
Additional Information
  • The Project System is the Complete Business Computer System for Contractors and Integrators. Companies that install: sound systems, nurse call systems, fire alarm systems, computer cabling, burglar systems, cctv, video systems, systems contracting in general. Other companies that are using Project include Video Wholesale Distributors, Audio Visual Specialists, Video & Film Duplicators, Telephone System Specialists, and more.
  • For 18 years, Project has changed and improved the way companies do business!
  • The Project System has been written in such a way that it can be used equally well in both the Service & Sales fields. We have many different type companies currently using the System.

  • The System SIMPLIFIES and SPEEDS up the repetitive work of writing ORDERS, PROPOSALS, etc. and then keeping track of them as PROJECTS.

  • While writing your Proposal/Project, you have access to a FULL INVENTORY SYSTEM using Part Numbers to request Item Descriptions, Prices, In Status etc., including Rental Items.

  • During Editing, Line Items are AUTOMATICALLY MULTIPLIED, EXTENDED and TAXED if appropriate.

  • This same text can be the basis of an INVOICE. After the Invoice is created, the Inventory System is updated. Projects can be INVOICED in total or partially, line by line. Data from the Invoice can then be sent to various accounting systems' Accounts  Receivable.

  • The System has 22 STATUSES or CATEGORIES which you DEFINE to suit your company. You can change the STATUSES as the Project progresses.

  • You can LOCATE a Project QUICKLY by Project Number, Status, Client Number, Serial Number, Client Purchase Order, and list them on the  SCREEN or PRINTER for Follow Up.


The Project System Description

The following is a brief explanation of some of the main features of The Project System.

After an initial period of learning the system, you will find that all aspects of your company’s business will improve greatly.  The testimonies from users always amazed me as to the successes that companies all over North America are having with The Project System.

The system has been designed for speed and minimal repeat typing.  In many cases, very powerful functions like Billing or Purchasing happen with just one keystroke.

User will quickly learn the “Power of The Project System” and come to depend on the system. I know many people who left one company and went to another company and ordered The Project System for the new company because there is no better system to do work with than with The Project System.

Many companies have experienced Very High Cost Savings in the area of Office Personnel, Lower Inventory Levels, More accurate Proposals, Faster Proposal Generation, and Streamed-Lined Businesses.


The Project Editor


The Project Editor is the Heart of the System. You will create Job Estimates, System Proposals, Service Tickets, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Preventative Maintenance Calls, Shipping/Packing Reports, and other documents.  You also have an Extended Data area that allows you to store up to 6 pages of data for each project. Additionally, there is a Job Notes Section that allows you to store an un-limited amount of data.

When creating Estimates & Proposals, you have three methods of Estimating:

  • Cost Plus - where each item can have a different Markup Value.

  • Estimate At Cost - where all items in a project are entered at cost and the
    total project is marked up.

  • Price A, B, C, D - where clients have a specific Price Class, and Customer Based Pricing

  • NEW The Editor will automatically check for Price Breaks for multiple Items used in a Project.  This will help to maximize your buying power for a Job.

  • NEW Enhanced Auto-Estimating System which allows you to add an unlimited number of Cost Codes to an Item.  I.E. Programming, Installation, Supervision, Foreman and other costs.

  • NEW Transfer Project lets you create a Proposal in a Laptop or Remote Site and transmit the Proposal / Project to the Home Office for Processing Purposes.

  • NEW You can now Import Equipment Lists from Excel Files, and Drawing Tools like VidCAD, STAR-Draw, and D-Tools.  This Feature lets you quickly build an Estimate using the Equipment List from the Source file and the Price List found within The Project System. 

In addition, you have additional features like:

  • Cut & Paste, Replicate Project and Copy Project

  • Quick Parts Lookup by Manufacturer’s ID, Part Number, and Description

  • Automatic Estimating System with 5 Pre-defined Labor Categories per Inventory Item

  • Parts Assembly System for Quick Estimating and Project Entry

  • 20 User Definable fields for Freight, Shipping & Handling, Extra Costs, etc.

  • Merge Project, Master Project, and Sub Project Capabilities



Printing & Export Capabilities


The Project System has 9 different Project Print Capabilities to include: Proposals, Service Tickets, In-House Work Tickets, Rental Project Form, Project Parts List, Shipping Memo, Packing List, Label Printing, and Extended Data Reports.  All Output Capabilities can be to Print, Fax or Export. 

Project also supports Merge Capabilities by allowing external systems, like MS Access, to read the Customer List and other databases within Project.


Project Tracking System


The Project System has a 22 category, user defined, project tracking system.  Such categories might include: Estimates To Do, Work To Do, Completed Projects, etc.  In addition you can also list projects by Customer: Code, Phone Number, Purchase Orders, and several other categories.  You also have a Custom Report generator that allows you to do various searches on specific criteria to form desired reports.  The output from the Custom Report System can be both Informational and Financial nature.  You can Print, Fax or Export this Data to other systems.

All members of your company will use the Tracking System to track their portion of a Project.   Sales people will use it to track Proposals.   Installation Managers will use it to track Installations.  Service will use it to track Service Work. Billing will use it to track Projects that need to be invoiced.   Additionally, this same system can be used for management purposes as well.


Integrated Price Lists & Inventory Management System

  • One of the Very Import Features is that we supply 120+ Price Lists for the Contractor & Integrator Industry.  This eliminates having to constantly maintain the Price Lists saving you time.  See Web Site for List

  • As a support tool, The Project System contains a very powerful Inventory System.  When editing projects, you have immediate access to the Inventory System.  The system supports an unlimited number of items in the system.

  • This system contains Cost Information including 6 Price Breaks, Item History Data, Item Allocation and Ordering Data. 

  • In addition, you also have the ability to create Long Descriptions for each item.  Additionally, you have the ability to create Assemblies (List of Items that can be brought into a Project as a group of items by using one Part Number.).   Assemblies can have Optional Check Boxes for more Flexibility.

  • There is also a tool called The Manufacturers Editor, which allows you to quickly enter an entire Price List from a Manufacturer into The Project System.  To complete the Inventory System, there are various reports available to help the user maintain proper Inventory Control.

  • Inventory Management is an automatic process as you work a project.  When you are starting to use the Project System, you can back your way into having an Inventory Stock Level until you get time to do a full Inventory Count.

  • NEW Landed Cost Capabilities where you can add an Overhead Markup to Inventory Costs.

  • NEW Search by Description with Point and Shoot Capability.

  • NEW Inventory Report showing all On Order Items.  This is useful when you need to track Items that have not come in yet.

  • NEW Enhanced Inventory Assembly System where you can specify Equipment Lists for Quick Loading of Estimates.  Options include Pre-set Questions that a can be specified at the time of the Creation of the Assembly.  This tool can work directly with the Auto-Estimating System.


Integrated Purchasing System


One of the most power systems in the Project System is the “Order Purchase System.”  This tool can automatically generate required Purchase Orders on a “Need To Order” basis.  The system is SMART in that, with one key, all items in a project will be ordered taking into account, current inventory levels.  The system will automatically separate items by Manufacturer and create separate “Dedicated or Group” Purchase Orders.

Later on when items come in for these projects, the system will automatically “Allocate” the received items to the appropriate projects, placing any unallocated items in stock for future orders.  The system also has the ability to FUTURE ALLOCATE ITEMS to projects when extra items are ordered.

After receiving the items, the system can create Picking Reports for moving Inventory around the warehouse and can even store the location of the “Job Bin” where the parts are stored in the warehouse.

Additionally when items come in, the Sales Person and Project Manager is NOTIFIED of the receipt of the items to help expedite the Order or Project (Get the Project ready for Installation).

The Inventory System works in REAL TIME so that you immediately know what Inventory is available at any point in time.

NEW Alternate Vendor / Supplier Capability which allows you to store and use alternate suppliers for an Item.  The system records the Alternate Vendor / Suppliers for history and look up Capabilities.

NEW When creating Purchase Orders, you can now pass Messages or Words from a Project / Estimate to a Purchase Order thereby speeding up the Purchase Process.  This is useful when you have to tell the Supplier things like Frequencies or Drill Codes or any other information in a Project.


Integrated Billing System


The Project System performs many forms of Billing.

  • General, Line-by-Line, Billing used for Box Sales, Itemized Billing, Etc.  This Billing function is simple and quick, eliminating all duplicate typing, there by reducing mistakes.

  • Progress Billing allows for Lump Sum Billing of Large Projects.  This system automatically handles Inventory changes as well.

  • Repeat Billing System used for Preventative Maintenance Services and Periodic Service Visits.

  • Repeat Billing used or Background Music and Alarm Monitor Accounts. This system includes various Muzak and ASCAP/SOCAN reports. (Additional charge for this feature.)

  • NEW Auto Billing Module and Preventative Maintenance Module

The Billing System can be integrated to various Accounting Systems to eliminate double entry of information.  Current available links include: Peachtree, AccPac, Open Systems, Great Plains, Quickbooks Pro, MAS90, Timberline & Platinum, and other Accounting Systems can be added with custom programming.  These links export Customer and Invoice Data, with various degrees of detail, depending on the Accounting System.

Additionally, the Billing System also contains a Commission System, which tracks a Sales Person’s activities for the month including a Weighted Gross Profit Figure.

The Billing system also has various reports to help in the management of the company:

  • Out-Standing Dollars Report:  This report lists all Outstanding projects that have UN-invoiced dollars left on them.  This report will show current costs to date and the balance to be invoiced.

  • Stored Inventory Report:  For large companies, this reports shows the inventory that has been invoiced to a Client and yet you are storing it for the Client at your site.  This report is also valuable for insurance purposes, separating your stock from the client’s inventory.

  • Inventory Value Report:  This report tracks movement of Stock to projects that was not Ordered by a Purchase Order.  This report is good when you do not have a link to Accounting.


Integrated Job Cost Module


The Project System has a Job Cost module that is linked to various activities throughout the system.  Although not connected to an Accounting System. This module is very effective in tracking the costs of a project and informing the User as to the progress and costs of a project. 

In the Job Cost Module, as you receive items to a project, the system accrues costs to that project.  Additionally, you can manually or automatically enter labor hours to a project including personnel, overhead and overtime. You can also enter miscellaneous costs to a project as well.

As costs are accrued, you can run reports to determine the profitability of a project.  Hopefully the project will be profitable, but as we all know, some are not and there are alarms that go off when costs exceed the estimated price of a job.

The Job Cost Module is still being developed and additional features are constantly being added to it.

NEW The Job Cost Module now shows Committed Costs on Un-received Purchase Orders and calculates the anticipated Gross Profit on a Project when these Items come in.

NEW The Job Cost Module now lets you do External Reporting or Actual Costs using a centralized Cost Database.  This is helpful when you are working with External Accounting Systems.


The “Call” Scheduler


The Kall Scheduler lets the user enter a Call Reminder Entry, which will be used to remind the operator of a FUTURE event. This system is very useful to keep track of projects and not forget to do something with that project like call the customer or ordering parts, etc. 

These Reminders can be entered for 5 Days or 5 Months, or even 5 Years in advanced.  When the date arrives, the user will be prompted and then he/she can delete or forward the reminder.

You also have a Message Posting System that can be used as a Project E-Mail System.  You also have Report Capabilities. 

The Kall Scheduler is accessible from various area of the system for quick access and ease of use.


Customer List / Vendor List


The Project System Includes an Integrated Customer/Vendor List System.  Besides the Normal data requirements, you have 16 optional Data Fields.  

Sales History and Vendor Buying History is stored as well.  You also can store 2 Tax Exempt Numbers and other data.  You also have a Single and Multiple Shipping Address System. 

Additionally you can store default Labor Rates for Service and Installation and Markup Rates by Client.  The system also has various report capabilities based on Customer or Vendor requirements.


Security Capabilities

  • For basic Security, the system includes 17 Passwords for use throughout the system.

  • Additionally, you can purchase an Enhanced Security System, which will give you the capability to limit access, by user, to 254 different access points throughout the system.  You can also do custom programming to give you additional setup capabilities not normally available without the Enhanced Security System.


Network and Multi-User Capabilities

  • The Project System has the capabilities to support up to 999 Users, simultaneously.

  • We support Windows Server 2008 and 2012.

  • At the Workstation Level, we run on Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8/10.

  • The Project System has Multiple Company Capabilities for the large company that has more than one business under one roof. (Additional charge for this feature.)

  • We also support Network Printing allowing for unique configurations depending on customer needs.

  • We also support Exporting of Proposals to allow for “Fancy Dress-UP” in other tools such as MS WORD and other Export Capabilities are available as well.


System Requirements

  • The requirements for The Project System® (Project) are very easy.

    A standard Windows file server will is fine. Windows 2008 R2 or 2012 R2, 8G Memory, OS Minimum Level: Standard.  If you are doing Remote Desktop, start at 12G and add 500K per user.

    All Project requires is a shared folder mapped to a drive like “P:\DoveNet”

  • Workstations can be Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8/10 (32/64 Bit). Min Mem. 1M

  • TPS Mobile Server Software Requires Windows Server with IIS: 2008 R2 or 2012 R2. 
    Depending on what you are running on the server will determine whether TPS Mobile Server can run in the background. The less you are running on the server the better.

  • If you want to have remote access, you will want to run Project on your server as an application and activate Terminal Services® or Citrix Metaframe®. You will need to increase the memory on your server if/when you are running Terminal Services. If there are many remote users then you should plan for a separate Terminal Server. (20 Users per Terminal Server box). If it is just a few remote users then you can run Project as an application on the main server and host the data for the other office users.

  • Other remote access capability would be to use products like www.gotomypc.com® or www.logmein.com®, etc. where you connect remotely to a local pc where you are running Project.

  • Antivirus Software: We recommend Trend Micro products. Other antivirus products are fine as long as you can tell then to exclude monitoring any files in the folder P:\DoveNet.
    We have found McAfee® and Norton® to be problematic in not properly excluding looking at the P:\DoveNet data.  (This slows down performance of Project.)


The Project System, Flow Chart


The Project System
Sample Form: Proposal


Sample of Simple Quote  

Sample of Quote with Color and Images  




The Project System
Sample Form: Work Sheet










The Project System
Sample Form: Service Ticket








The Project System
Sample Form: Equipment List










The Project System
Sample Form: Dedicated Purchase Order










The Project System
Sample Form: Invoice










Manufacturers Price List Service

3M 3M 			ELAN ELAN 			PEE Peerless Industries,Inc. 
AATM Allen/ATM Fly-Ware 	ELEC Electronics Line USA 	PEL Pelco 
ACE Ace Backstage Co 		ELKY Elkay Industries 	PENT Pentax 
ADI ADI 			ELMO ELMO 			PHI Phillips 
AIP Aiphone Corporation 	EMT Emtech 		PHO Phonic Ear 
AKG AKG ACOUSTICS 		EON EON Communications 	PIN Pinnacle 
ALL Allen Heath 		ESD Elect Security Devices 	POLY Polycom 
ALPR Allen Products 		EVI Electro-Voice Inc. 	POSH POSH Speaker Systems 
ALT Altec Lansing 		EXT Extron 		PREM Premier Mounts 
ALTX Altinex 		FEN Fender Pro Audio 		PROC ProCo 
AMDJ American DJ 		FRL FireLite 		PVY PEAVEY 
AMX AMX 			FSR FSR 			PYR Pyramid 
ANC Anchor 		FUR Furman 		QSC QSC 
APA Apature 		GAL Galaxy Audio 		QUA Quam-Nichols Company 
ASCM ASCOM 		GAM Gamewell 		RAN Rane Corporation 
ASI Audio Science, Inc. 	GATR Gator Case 		RAP Rapco 
AST Astatic 		GES GE Security 		RAU Rauland Borg Corporation* 
ATI Audio Technica 		GRO Grommes Precision 	RAX Raxxess 
ATL Atlas 			GRUN Grundorf 		RDL Radio Design Labs 
AUDE Audio Enhancements 	HALO HALO 			REN Renkus-Heinz 
AVI AVIOM 			HIR Hirsch Electronics 	REVO Revolabs 
BENQ BenQ 			HIT Hitachi 		ROLL Rolls 
BEY Beyerdynamic 		HON Honeywell 		RUS RUSCO 
BIA Biamp Systems 		HOR Horizon Music 		RUSS Russound 
BOG Bogen Communications, Inc 	HSA HSA 			SAB Sabine Musical Manufact. 
BOSC Bosch 		IDEN Identicard 		SAM Samson 
BOSE Bose 			INT Intelix 		SAN Sanyo 
BRE Bretford Manufacturing 	INTM interM 		SANU SANUS 
BROK Brooks Equipment 	IRP Industrial Research Prod. 	SEN Sennheiser Electronic Cor 
CDK CDK 			JAMO JAMO 			SK Silent Knight 
CHA Channel Plus 		JBL JBL Incorporated 		SOFH Software House 
CHAU Chauvet 		JCGS JUICE GOOSE 		SOU Soundsphere 
CHAV Channel Vision 		KLA Klark-Teknik 		SPKR Speakercraft 
CHEM Chemetron 		KMA K & M 			STI Safety Technology 
CHIE Chief Mfg 		KRA KRAMER 		SUR Surgex 
CLE Clear-Com Inc. 		LAT Latham Clocks 		TALK Talk-A-Phone 
CLO ClearOne 		LEC Lectrosonics, Inc. 	TAN Tannoy 
CLS CLS Install 		LEN Lenel 			TAS TASCAM 
COM Community Light + Sound 	LEP Leprecon 		TCW Tech Works 
COMD Comdial 		LG LG 			TECN TecNet 
COMT Comtek Pro Audio 	LIN Link Electronics, Inc. 	TOA TOA ELECTRONICS 
COP Cop-USA 		LIST Listen 		TOS Toshiba Tele CTX 
COR Cornell 		LOW Lowell Manufacturing Co. 	TOTE ToteVision 
CPI Chatsworth 		LUC Lucasey 		TVO TVONE 
CRE Crestron 		MAD Mackie Designs Inc. 	ULTS Ultimate Support 
CRES Crest Audio 		MAR Marshall 		VERI VeriChip Corporation 
CRO CROWN 			MIA Midas 			VICN Vicon 
DAL Da-Lite 		MIC MicroBoardsMarshall 	VIDA Video Alarm 
DAS D.A.S. Audio of America 	MID Middle Atlantic Prod. 	VODA Vodavi 
DBX DBX 			MIDS Mid Summer 		WES West Penn Wire 
DMP D&M Pro 		MKI MKI 			WHE Wheelock Inc. 
DRAP Draper 		MMTX Media Matrix 		WHW Whirlwind 
DUK DUKANE 		MYS Mystery Electronics 	WIL Williams Sound Corp. 
DUKC Dukane Cable 		NAD Nady 			WIN Winstead 
DUKP Dukane Parts List 	NESC NESCO 		XAN Xantech 
DYN Dynacorp 		NOT Notifier 		YAM Yamaha 
EAR Earthworks 		OMNI Omnimount 		ZBND Z-Band 
EAW Eastern Acoustic Works 	ORT Ortronics 		ZEN Zenitel 
EDCO Edco Surge Protection 	OWI OWI 			ZNT Zenith 
EDW Edwards StrategicPartners 	PAIG Paige Electric 
EIKI EIKI 			PAN Panasonic Security 
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