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Document Management Module (DMM)
(with Special Contractor Features)

The Document Manager Module (DMM) has been designed to help you manage all documents related to Projects.

DMM lets you create a list of projects and enter seed data on the project that will be used as merge data into copied template documents. The purpose of the seed data is to reduce the re-typing of names and addresses into a document over and over again.

Contractor will find this especially beneficial when creating Letter of Transmittal, Request for Information, and other related documents.

DMM lets you create Project where you can store seed data to be merge into new documents.

Documents might include: Excel files, Word documents, Drawings, PDF files, etc.  Specific document types might include: Letters of Transmittals, Request for Information, Contracts, Project Schedules of Values, and many other types of documents.  Your imagination is your only limitation.

Paperless Office is here. Documents can be Scanned with Data Compression to save disk space. (Format: PDF, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF.)

This tool lets you store documents in a hierarchy under a Project # or place the document anywhere in you network.  Once loaded into DMM, simply press the Document Button and then document will appear.

You can locate a project by various lookup methods.

Documents can be identified as to a document type, and can be filtered by document types.

Users with passwords can be entered into DMM with various privileges related to Projects and Documents.

For a demonstration of DMM inside The Project System, here.


The Project Search Screen

The Project Document Screen

Sample of a Document

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