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Module 1: Estimating, Proposals, Service Tickets, Job Tracking, Call Scheduler
                   This is the beginning module of The Project System. Users can
                   create Estimates which turn into proposals. The system can used
                   price lists supplied by Dove Net to make estimating faster.
                   Additionally, you can create and track Service Tickets.  The
                   system also has an extensive Job Module to allow you to keep
                   track of all your Projects/Jobs. This module includes 1 user.                   
Module 2: Inventory, Purchasing, Packing Lists, Salesman's Notification
                   This module lets you control inventory and create Purchase Orders
                   When Inventory is received for Projects, Salespersons and
                   Project Managers are notified. After receiving the items to
                   projects, the user can create Packing Lists for shipping items
                   to the field.  The Packing Lists also lets you keep track of 
                   shipper Tracking Numbers for historical purposes.  
Module 3: Job Cost & Project Management
                   This module lets you track costs on project/jobs.  Cost come from
                   three places:  Parts, Labor and Miscellaneous Costs.  Once costs
                   have been posted to a project, you can run detail and summary
                   reports.  Additionally, the system has management reports as well
                   as time line capability with loading of hours.
Module 4: Integrated Billing: Service and Projects
                   This module lets you quickly generate invoices. This billing module
                   includes two capabilities Line by Line billing for Service and Box
                    Sales and Progress Billing for large project.  Depending on which
                   accounting system you are using, The Project System can send
                   data to that system.
Additional User (Concurrent Users) 
                   You can add an unlimited number of user to the system to allow multiple
                   users in the system at the same time.  The more integrated into your
                   entire office the more efficient your company will become.  Uses might
                   include: Sales, Inventory and Purchasing, Service Manager, Project
                   Managers, Billing Department, Management and Executive Staff.
E-Mail Notification System
                   The feature is used to notify the recipient on several activities inside
                   The Project System including Inventory Allocation to Project, Status
                   changes to Project, Changes in Customer Credit Status.  Additionally,
                   you can email Invoices and Purchase Orders.
Client Status Update Notification System
                   The feature lets you automatically send out messages to clients when
                   Service Ticket is created and then as the service ticket progresses through
                   your company.  On the Status Change "Completed" you can also include a
                   Survey Form to capture Client Response to the Completed Service Ticket.
                   (Required E-Mail Notification System)
Service Tracking Module
                    The module let you keep track of cost related to Maintenance Contracts
                   and warranty service related to completed projects.
Auto Billing and Preventative Maintenance / Inspection Generator Module
                   This module lets you setup projects that will be used for creating automatic
                   invoices.  These invoices can be Yearly, Quarterly, or Monthly.  You can
                   also setup automatically generated Preventative Maintenance Visits.  This
                   module also links to the Service Tracking Module.
Advanced Auto Estimating System
                   This module lets you attach up to 5 labor types to items in inventory
                   and then automatically tally those hour in a quote.  Additionally, you can
                   have the system estimate Travel Time, Travel Mileage, Project Management
                   and Overnight Stays.  There is also and offset system to compensate for
                   degree of difficulty on an installation. 
QuickBooks Pro, Peachtree (Invoice Export to Accounting)
                    This module allows The Project System to send invoice data to Peachtree or
                   Quickbooks.  The system automatically update the Customer List and properly
                   integrates with the General Ledger.
Quickbooks Pro, Peachtree (AP Export to Accounting)
                   The module lets you send Vendor Invoices to Account from The Project System.
                   You can pay Purchase Orders, Pay Miscellaneous costs against Job Cost and 
                   pay non Project related cost.                   
Other Accounting Systems*: 
                   The Project System link with many accounting systems, including: Open Systems,
                   AccPac, MAS200/90, Great Plains, Timberline, Platinum, Business Works, and 
                   Data Pro.  Other accounting system integrated can be added.
The WOW Page (Business Intelligent Module)
                   This module lets you see a quick overview of what has happened in the system
                   for a specific period of time like Last Month or Last Year. You can list out the
                   number and dollar amounts of Service calls, New Quotes, Booked Sales, Invoiced 
                   Sales, and Lost and Dead Project. You can also get a detail report of each listing.
Enhanced Security System & Configuration Module
                   The module lets you setup individual logins to the system.  Each login has 160+
                   different access/privilege options throughout the system.  
Equalizer: Price List Import Tool
                   This tool lets you import Excel Price Lists into the Project System. The system
                   remembers the import setting for each price list so the next time you need to
                   import the same price list, the import is faster.  The import system can handle
                   multiple column pricing as well as List Price.
Technician Scheduling System
                   The module lets you schedule your technician.  You can add free hand visits
                   or link the service event to a service ticket or project.  You also can list out
                   the schedule for a specific technician including date range.  (Future Option
                   will include having access via web browser.)
Contact Manager
                   The Contact Manager lets you set up an unlimited number of contacts related to
                   a customer.  This module let select contact and attach them to Projects. You
                   can also include e-mail addresses.

The To Shop / Fabrication System
                    This system helps you tell the warehouse that materials need to be sent to
                     the Shop or Fabrication. The system lets you identify items to be sent to the
                    show when they are received on a PO or if the Item are allocated, you can send
                    a message to the warehouse to move them to the Shop. An individually can be
                    assigned in setup to receive a message. Additionally, if you are running multiple
                    offices, different people can be identified to receive the transfer message.
                    This in effects creates a new inventory location and is deplete as you do
                    Packing Lists.
Shipped Not Invoiced
This system changes the way inventory is handled when generating
                     Packing Lists. After Packing Lists are Created and you tell the system
                    The Packing List is correct, the system removes the inventory from
                    Allocation and changes the Items to Shipped Not Invoiced.  Latter on
                    when you want to Invoice the Items, the system moves the Items back
                    to Allocation and then Selects the Items for Billing.  This creates a new
                    Inventory Location and can be reported on Reports, Inventory.
In Transit Transfer Inventory
               When using Warehouse Transfer between offices, this system creates a
                    In Transit System where by the inventory move to a new warehouse
                    until the items are actually received.  When received, the warehouse
                    person has the option to edit the received items and confirm the
                    quantities.  While in transit, the items show "In Transit" to the Project
                    Editor.  This also creates a report showing all items not Invoiced which
                   could be considered a new warehouse.
Retainage Module
                   This module lets you track Retainage per project.  In the invoice process, 
                   after creating the Invoice Amount, you can then select a percentage to
                   deduct as Retainage.  (The amount can be passed on to MAS90 AR
                    Module.)  Later on when the project is complete, you can do a reverse
                   entry to reverse the previously help amounts.  There is also a report that
                   shows outstanding Retainage amounts.
Estimate to Complete Module
                    This module brings together many features of the system (Cost Code
                    Estimating, Job Cost, Estimating To Complete to produce a projection
                    report showing how individual projects will complete and the system
                    then summaries all projects put together.  The end result is that you
                    can estimate Labor Requirements by month for the next 12 months as
                    well Cash/Revenue projections for the next 12 months.
Goldmine, Outlook Connection (Send Names to and Get Names From)
                   This module let you get name from Goldmine or Outlook.  It also has a 
                   synchronization capability.
Multiple Truck Inventory Capability
                   The module lets you setup and unlimited number of trucks and each truck
                   can have a separate parts list per truck.  The system also lets you deplete
                   inventory from a truck on a service ticket.  There is also a transfer capability
                   to move stock between trucks. 
GSA Price List Module /w Reporting
                   The module lets you import GSA Price List for a product into stock and then 
                   identify customers as GSA Customers.  When doing a quote, the system will
                   automatically give the customer the GSA price if they are a GSA customer.
                   Additionally, there is a quarterly report that you can run to report to GSA
                   on sale activities.
Multiple Office: 1st Additional Office /w Separate Databases, Citrix or Terminal Server
                   The module lets you setup the frame work for allowing the system to have
                   multiple offices within The Project System.  This framework includes
                   separate project tracking per office, separate inventories and may other
                   capabilities.  This module include on Office.
Multiple Office: 2nd, 3rd, etc. Additional Offices
                   You can add an unlimited number of offices to the system to help you better
                   manage sales by office and or division.
Change Order Control Module
                   This module lets you lock down projects so that you can control the additions,
                   subtractions and edits to a project. After creating the change order, you can view
                   it in the Project Editor and Print the change order for acceptance by the client.
                   When a change order is accepted by the client, the system will make permanent
                   the changes to the project. If the change order is canceled, the system will return
                   the project back to it's original state.
Room Estimating System and Book Mark System
                  There are two functionalities associated with this Module: Room Estimating and
                  Book Mark. The Room Estimating System, lets you establish a default set of Room
                  Identifiers and then you can select the appropriate room ID's for a project. After
                  you create multiple rooms, you can use the Go To Button to jump to a specific
                  room anywhere in the project. When the room is complete you can use the Print
                  Project System to print any of the reports including Work Sheet, Proposal and
                  Equipment List for a single room. The Book Mark System is similar to Room Mode,
                  I.E you can setup a set of Room or Section Identifiers. Along a project, you can
                  identify a section of a Project by Room ID. After identifying sections, you can
                  use the Room Go To button to jump to any section in the project by Room ID.
Print with Images Module
                  This module lets you attached images to an item and then print the image on
                  a quote.  Additionally you can specify where on the quote you want to print the
                  images. You can also have a summary listing of all equipment with images at the
                  bottom of the quote.  You can also have dynamic signature images for your 
                  Sales People. This module also works well with the Room module above.
Work Order Module
                   This module lets you e-mail service tickets to techs in the field.  The techs
                   can fill out the service ticket, capture a signature and then return the ticket
                   back to the office ready for billing.
                   If the project is an installation, you can create an unlimited number of W/Os
                   per project and have a full history of what happened on a Project. Additionally,
                   W/O records time and enters that time on the Web Time Card system or Job Cost
                   Labor. Lastly, the system can send a receipt of the work order to the client.
Outlook Connect Modules
                   There are actually 3 modules available to connect to Outlook.
                   Outlook Email: This module lets you send quote and other documents out of
                   Dove Net and they will appear in the Sent Folder of Outlook.  This module also
                   has the capability to quickly retrieve email address from outlook and bring them
                   into Dove Net.
                   Outlook Appointments: This module lets you post an appointment to our
                   Technician Scheduler and then the system automatically sends the appointment
                   to Outlook Calendar and then Outlook sends the appointment to the Technicians
                   Cell phone.  The technician receives the appointment in approximately 3 minutes.
                   Outlook Appointment Feedback: This module allows the technician to make
                   changes to the appointment and send that data back to Dove Net for posting
                   to Job Cost and Tech Notes. (Only works with Blackberries.)             
Work Order Email Send and Receiver (requires Service Tracking Module above)
                   Required 1 per Dispatch office to make Mobile Service Manager function.
The PSA, Notifier and EST-DUK/GE Connection, Price List Import, PO Export
                   For the manufacturers PSA, Notifier, and EST/GE, the system can electronically
                   export purchase order for mated for that manufacturer to pick up or import with
                   out any data entry. 
Internet: Order Tracking and Client Service Tickets Tracking*
                   This module lets you allow your clients to track their project over the Internet.
                   The systems has two logins per company, one with prices and one without.
                   Additionally, the client can create a service ticket and a designated person
                   will receive an email indicating that there is a new service ticket for that client.
Document Management Module (DMM)
DMM has been designed to help you manage all documents related to Projects.
                   DMM lets you create a list of projects and enter seed data on the project that
                   will be used as merge data into copied template documents. Documents might
                   include: Excel files, Word documents, Drawings, PDF files, etc. Documents can
                  be Scanned with Data Compression. See
Serial Number Tracking
Level 1 lets you record serial numbers when you create packing lists and when you
                  create Invoices.
                  Level 2 lets you record serial numbers when you receive items in to the the system
                  from purchase orders.  Additionally, the system creates Labels that will be used
                  to create packing lists and transfer items between projects.
                  In both cases, you can search by serial number when an item was shipped, received, etc.
                  Level 3 (Future) will be to use a wireless scanner to receive purchase orders and
                  do everything else above.
Commission Module
                   This module lets you create commission codes which can be assigned to Project. 
                   The commission code caries with up to 9 different commission rages which can
                   be tied to salespersons, project managers, and administrative personnel, etc.
                   Additionally, these rates can be used to calculate additionally Project Costs
                   such as overhead, administrative fees, etc.  There are two Commission reports
                   available: Simple commission on Billing activity and Commission based Gross
                   Profit on a Job.  Another report is also available on the Net Profit after Commission.
Credit Card Surcharge Module
                   This module lets assign a Surcharge Percentage rate to a client go recover the
                   cost of the client using a credit card to pay for the services.  Once the rate has
                   been assigned to a client, the system will automatically create the surcharge
                   amount to the quote.  This amount can be a Misc. Fee at the end of the quote or
                   you can use a part number to show the amount at the bottom of the quote. When
                   the project goes to billing, you have to use the assigned part number for this item
                   to show on the invoice and go into accounting.
Packing Lists to UPS WorldShip
                   This module lets you seamlessly integrated with UPS WorldShip After creating
                   a Packing List, the shipping address information is capture and a UPS 
                   Information screen comes up where you can select the type of package, declare 
                   values, specify the weight, E-Mail Notification, Size, Delivery Confirmation type,
                   and COD Amount.  Once all the data entry is complete, the system verifies the
                   Zip Code and then sends the data is sent to UPS WorldShip. WorldShip picks
                   up the data and print 1 or more labels. When complete, The Project System picks
                   up and stores the Tracking No. and posts the shipping costs to the Job Cost Module.
Estimating with Dynamic Variables
                   The purpose of The Dynamics Variable Module is to perform calculation on constants
                   like Total Parts Sell/Cost, Total Labor Sell/Cost, or Total Project, etc. You can also lock
                   in values as up to 5 constants along the way of a project. Once you have a constant,
                   you can then apply calculations like Part Sell * 5% for Shipping Handling. Other
                   examples might be Project Management, or Overhead, etc. These calculation values
                   can create a Cost figure to be marked up or a Sell figure, Taxes or not Taxed.
CD, Hard Copy Color Manuals, Shipping & Handling

                   You can purchase a 450 page color bound manual or you can print your own.
Enhanced Recurring Billing for 500 or more accounts: 
                    The module is design to handle high volume recurring billing such as Muzak or
                   Alarm Monitoring, etc. Dove Net can provide Data Conversion.*