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Thompson Electronics, Craig Thompson
x 225

Accounting System

Open Systems

Type Contractor

Sys Integrator 


TPS Mobile   Video Clip
Electronic Sound, Ben, NE 402-334-8550 QuickBooks Sys Integrator 1996    
Copp Systems Integrators, Bill DeFries (Owner) Kym (Office Manager), OH (Rauland) 937-228-4188 QuickBooks Sys Integrator 2000 TPS Mobile    
Paladin Protective Services, Cal Corsi, OH
(PSA) (Notifier)
216-441-6500 Sage 100 Sys Integrator 1998    
Presentation Products, Orin Knopp, NY 212-377-1702 QuickBooks
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Audio/Video 2000   Barcode Inventory
Quality Sound & Video, Mark Lynch, NC 910-483-1212   Sys Integrator 1998      
Center Line Technologies, Dave Harrison, MI 516-426-6723 Timberline Audio/Video 2006 TPS Mobile    
Ace / TriTech Comm. Inc, Christian Schachinger, NY 516-426-6723 Timberline
Sys Integrator 2006   Barcode Inventory  
Kipp Visual Systems, Inc., Lori Johnson, MD 410-235-9900 QuickBooks Sys Integrator 2009      
All Systems, Gary Venable Jr., KS
(PSA) (EST) (Rauland)
913-281-5100 (502)897-7373 Sys Integrator 1992    
HP Electronics, Martin Philips, MD 410-242-4077 Sage 100 Sys Integrator 1994   Barcode Inventory  
Valley Fire & Security Alarm., Darryl James, CA (EST) 916-608-0977 QuickBooks Fire Security 2014 TPS Mobile    
Sound Com, Paul Fussner  (Rauland) 440-234-2604 Sage 100 Sys Integrator 1990      
Intelli-tec Security Services, Dawn, NY 516-876-2000   Burg Security 2003      
New Life Communications, Ron Huisinga, MN (Rauland) 320-235-6404 SBT Sys Integrator 1992      
Norris, Inc., Brad Norris, MA (Notifier) 207-883-3473 Peachtree / Sage 50 Fire Security 1990    
American Fire Technologies, Paul Hayes, NC (Notifier) (Siemens) 910-799-9191 Sage 100 Fire Suppression 2000      
Systems Electronics, Inc, Mike Strickland, NC (EST) (Rauland) Web Time Card 919-266-9908 x11 Sage 100 Fire 2006 TPS Mobile    
Video & Sound Services Inc., Victor Severino, IL (PSA) 708-562-6316 Peachtree / Sage 50 Sound/Security 2010      
Communications Specialists, Ron Pusey, VA (Notifier) (Rauland) 804-559-4274 x101 Sage 100 Sys Integrator 1992 TPS Mobile Barcode Inventory
Sound & Signal Systems, Dean Hulsey, TX
(Notifier) (Rauland)
915-772-9893   Sys Integrator 2001      
SAS Security Alarm Service, Mary Graves, TX 972-312-1700 x107 Peachtree / Sage 50 Security Fire 2001    
electronic evolutions, inc., David Waldron, IN 905-607-7443 QuickBooks Audio Visual 2010      
APi Systems Integrators, Tim Pietrzak, WY 307-266-5222   Audio Visual 2010    


559-291-2971 QuickBooks Bank Security 2013 TPS Mobile    


816-358-0883 QuickBooks Bank Security 2013 TPS Mobile    

C.I.C. Technologies Inc., Michael Biggs, Operations Manager, NC (Honeywell)

828-497-3315 QuickBooks Alarm Security 2016 TPS Mobile Barcode Inventory

Alscan Inc., Alex Bohan, Project System Manager, AL

205-945-0003 QuickBooks Alarm Security 2016 TPS Mobile Barcode Inventory  

Fire Safety Systems, Richard J. Ulrich, VP or Dale Hartling Sales, NY (EST)

716-894-9700 QuickBooks Fire Security 2015 TPS Mobile    

Valley Fire and Security, Darryl James, CA (EST)

916-608-0977 QuickBooks Fire Security 2014 TPS Mobile  
Electronic Security Solutions, LLC, John Mitchell, PA (EST) 215-277-5248 x111 QuickBooks Fire Security 2011      
TriTek Fire & Security, LLC, Tom Magill. 803-407-0747 QuickBooks Fire Security 2006 TPS Mobile    
NorthStar Security, Inc., TJ Kilgore, GA 770-216-1997 QuickBooks Security 2011      
Southwest Access and Video Corp., Jerry Campise, AZ (PSA) 602-286-0001 QuickBooks Security 2007      
Worldwide Security, Robert Dyk, Ontario 905-607-7443 QuickBooks Security 2008   Barcode Inventory
SPL Integrated Solutions, Nicholas Yancich, MD Timberline
Sys Integrator 2001    
Fearing's Electronics, Mark Considine, WI 608-742-2099 QuickBooks Security Fire 2003    
Casco Systems, Inc., Kaz Plonczynski, NY(PSA) 585-424-5000 QuickBooks Security Fire 2003      
Professional System Technologies, David Lassig, UT (EST) (PSA) 801-649-6696 QuickBooks Security Fire 2008    
Sensory Technologies, Anne Sellers, IN, High End AV 317-347-5252 QuickBooks AV 2005   Barcode Inventory
Audio Visual Technologies Group, Ashley Brown, TX, High End AV (USAVGROUIP) 281-240-2100 x 103 QuickBooks AV 2000      
Advance Pro, Peter Bernatsky, Canada, High End AV 204-772-0386 x 227 QuickBooks AV 2007  
Intelligent Electronic Systems, Dave Zapkar (CFO), PA (EST) 412-206-0400 QuickBooks Fire Systems 2013 TPS Mobile
Latch - Security, Monica Wolf, LA 225-214-3038 QuickBooks Security 2009 TPS Mobile Barcode Inventory
Fire Systems, Inc., Charles Barrett, MA 508-999-4444 QuickBooks Fire Systems 2000    
SI Technologies, Inc., Joe Masciocco, NY (EST) 518-452-3505 Great Plains Sys Integrator 2002 Work Order