The Project System Demos (New)

      Introduction to The Project System   (New) 9 Min.
          This demo will give you a brief introduction to The Project Systems and the history of it's
          development which was originally developed 25 years ago and is now used by contractors
          all over the United States and Canada.

      Tracking Projects with List & Status (New) 9 Min.
          This demo shows you how The Project System manages both proposals and service tickets.
          Special reports include: Work in Progress, Sales Forecast and Sales Projections, plus ad hock
        Starting a New Estimate or Service Ticket (New) 8 Min.
          This demo will show you how to start a new estimate or service ticket; Putting Customers on
          Credit Hold, attaching Service Tickets to Maintenance Contracts and The Technician Scheduler.
        Creating an Estimate (New) 18 Min.
          This demo shows you how to create an estimate using special features including Auto Estimating,
          Auto Markup, Manufacturers Price Lists, Assemblies or Packages and many other features.
          Here are a few samples of Proposals and a Service Ticket created with The Project System:
             Simple Proposal, Proposal using Crystal Reports, Proposal with Images, Service Ticket

        Inventory, Purchase Orders and Packing Lists (New) 17 Min.
          This demo will show you how simple it is to use Inventory or create Purchase Orders and Packing Lists.
          Here are samples of each: Purchase Order, Packing List

        Job Cost Reporting   (New) 11 Min.
          This demo will show shows how Job Cost is accomplished using The Project System.
          Job Cost also exports to Accounting eliminating any double postings.
        Billing and Exporting to Accounting (New) 9 Min.
          Billing in The Project System is also very easy.  Whether you are doing billing on Service or
          Installations, billing is a snap. Project also sends the data to your Accounting System.
          Sample: Invoice

        The Wrap Up with The Project System (New) 4 Min.
          Putting it all together. Why The Project System is the best Business Software and
          Operating System for you!

     Other Demos related to The Project System

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