To: Tony Nasca, Dove Net Technologies:
From: Nicholas Yancich, CFO, SPL (Signal Perfection Limited)
Re: The Project System

We used The Project System (TPS) from 2001 to 2010 and we use it to purchase between $6 - $12 million of equipment purchases per month. By utilizing TPS in conjunction with Citrix we have the capacity for our staff to use TPS from offices across the country and from our client installations. We have 60+ employees using TPS - our sales staff uses it to create quotes, our purchasing staff uses it to create purchase orders, our accounting staff uses it to invoice the client and our project managers and shipping clerks use it to check the status of the items ordered.

Tony Nasca has enabled the system to integrate with our Timberline Accounting System to share vendors and customers and to import in the purchase orders to match with the AP invoices as well as to import invoices into Timberline. 

During the implementation Tony provided us with specialized training which was challenging as we have so many employees located in multiple places. He made many trips to our Columbia office to help some of our users as they had very complex projects. He wrote many custom reports for us that we use daily and weekly that required extensive programming due to their complexity.



In the beginning Dove Net provided a lot of support when we needed it.  Since then, support has been very timely. Calls are always returned very promptly if we need to leave a message. Now that we do not require much support we still get the same level of support that we did in the beginning.  Dove Net has also put in many weekends working on our issues and we have no complaints about the service. 

Overall, TPS is very successful at integrating with our Accounting package as well as our network and is working well for us.

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